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How To

Yoga Lesson #1

In this video you will  learn 

- What's the difference between a home practice and going to a yoga studio.
-Should you invest in going to a yoga studio or is having a home practice good enough?
-Is yoga a religion? What is yoga?!?
-​ What type of yoga mats are good enough to start with.
-Do you need special yoga clothing to practice yoga? 
-Which yoga discipline is for you? 
-There are at least 11 types of disciplines but we will talk about the top few and will breakdown the details for easy understanding.
- You will learn your own yoga
sequence step buy step that is designed for you to do daily.
This is a pre order price of 30 USD
which means your link will be sent between Feb 19th 25-th. 
Prices will go up soon, if interested pay 40 now or 50 (full price) later :-)


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How To


 & Handstand Prep

In this video you will      learn 

- How to activate the muscles needed to be upsidedown..

- Helps with preperation for handstand traning (you should know how to do a HEADstand BEFORE going into HANDstand training).

- How come up properly and come out of a headstand..​

- Muscle targeting exersices to perpare you for  understanding what you need to use in order  to have full control while you're upsidedown.

 Overall you will be able to fully understand what your body and muscels need to be doing in order to have a stable and consistant handstand..

Price only 18 USD Click to buy!

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Yoga For Skater Flexability 

- ​If you're having trouble with limited flexablty while on skates this detailed guide is for YOU!

- Will train your body for how to spin with learning back flexability exercises. 

- Will train your legs for easier and smoother transitions.

- Will train your body to be able to hold and control a tomahawk and or surfing position.

 - Will train your body to be able to do cross over positions. Skating both frontward and backward aka braiding.

-Will train your body to be able to rotate effectly and consistantly. For example learning how to control spins and 180', 360's ect. Anything regarding your mid-section to rotate fully with more flexablitly.

- Shoulder flexability workout​.

-Back flexibility workout​.

-Learning how fflexibilityknowledge can help you with how to fall.

Price: Only 40 USD

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